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For students with epilepsy, the experience of living with epilepsy is not just based on their management of the condition. The experience of living with epilepsy is also based on their interaction with school staff and other students. The Be SMART about Epilepsy program helps all school personnel increase their awareness of epilepsy and seizures. Through a collaboration of students, parents, school personnel, and medical providers effective epilepsy management and response can be achieved. The Be SMART about Epilepsy program helps create a safe and healthy environment for students with epilepsy and one that will reduce the stigma associated with epilepsy. Special sections for Police & Security Officers, Bus Drivers & Monitors, Family Liaisons & Social Workers, School Nurses, Teachers & Paraprofessionals, Psychologists, Therapists & Counselors, and Physical Education Teachers & Coaches are included.

The Be SMART about Epilepsy program was funded by the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation & Kaiser Permanente

Youth Epilepsy Education School Programs

The Epilepsy Association provides education about epilepsy, seizure first aid, epilepsy myths and psychosocial issues associated with epilepsy, using handouts and videos as educational aids. The presentation also features discussion and answering questions from the students in attendance. Faculty in-service presentations increase awareness about epilepsy, and help to reduce the stigma associated with the disorder. Students learn valuable seizure first aid skills that will help them respond properly if a seizure occurs, and they learn to be more supportive of other students and/or teachers who have epilepsy. Additionally, students are made aware of the number one risk for seizures in children and teens - head trauma, and provided with information on how to prevent head injury.

The educational program described above can be presented to children from second grade through high school. Younger children learn about epilepsy through a puppet show format using child-sized puppets, with information specifically targeted to their age and level of understanding of epilepsy. In addition to providing basic epilepsy education and seizure first aid, these "Kids on the Block" puppet shows emphasize being supportive and remaining friends with other children who have epilepsy.

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Community Epilepsy Education Programs

Epilepsy education programs are presented by request to any community organization interested in learning more about epilepsy. Presentations are made to professional groups, organizations/ businesses who employ someone with epilepsy, and other community groups. Each session includes discussion of basic facts about epilepsy and how to recognize a seizure, as well as proper techniques for seizure first aid. The specific material included in each presentation will be geared to the age and interests of the audience.

Epilepsy Education Sessions are presented free of charge.

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Camden Frank made a 24-minute documentary about epilepsy for a school project and to raise awareness for epilepsy and his friend who has seizures. Click to watch!



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